Prestigious Textiles Arundel Jewel (1802-632)

Prestigious Textiles Arundel Jewel (1802-632)

Product no.: 0874
£320.00 / 2 Roll(s)
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Prestigious Textiles Arundel Jewel (1802-632)

Width:  68.58cms

Length:  10m

Design Repeat:  Offset

Pattern Match:  104.61cms


Two Rolls of wallpaper are required for this design to show the full pattern repeat half the design is featured on a roll A (left) and half on roll B (right). you will need to order both rolls to complete the pattern repeat each roll is 68.58cm  wide by 10 meter length

(The Price is for the 2 Rolls).

This is a special order and we don't excepted any returns.


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Prestigious Textiles Arundel Linen (1802-031) Prestigious Textiles Arundel Linen (1802-031)
£320.00 / 2 Roll(s) *
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