Paperwiz 3-in-1

Paperwiz 3-in-1

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     Please note that colours on screen may vary from actual wallpaper, Samples are available which are A3 or A4 in size..

Paperwiz 3-in-1

The Coral Paperwiz (aka Walwiz) is a highly efficient 3-in-1 tool for applying wallpaper, borders, vinyl Decals and other self-adhesive sheets. PaperWiz features three functions in one tool namely:

  1. Smooth – for air pockets and imperfections
  2. Seam – effortlessly seal and set seams
  3. Trim – glides for a neat trim finish.

Paperwiz makes applying wallpaper and borders fast, easy and trouble-free. Reasons to buy include:

  • Great value – replaces your smoother, seam roller, and trim guide
  • Ease of use – transparent material for superior surface visibility
  • Durable – cut resistant material combats trim knife damage
  • Versatile – produces a strong bond with vinyl and self-adhesives
  • Smooth glide – double bevel edge design prevents interference
  • Great finish – avoid stretching scratching, tearing and split seams

Based on the original Walwiz design,


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